Angie Werkmeister

Dear Parents,
Happy Monday! So the agenda for the next 2 weeks is listed below. I gave the students one packet for their reference sheets/examples and one packet for all their assignments for the next 2 weeks. I am hopeful that as 2 packets they can have their reference sheets right next to their assignment as they do their work. IF your child is coming home and seems to NOT understand the concepts on their assignment, please have them analyze or even try to re-explain what the examples were that we did in class. By previewing what examples we did, this alone should help! They can also use, or OR our books website for added assistance or practice.

IF they are still in need of practice, especially if they didn't do well last semester, please have them see me for PAWS. They sign up either threw me or ask their advisory teacher AND/OR they come to TUTORING 7:30am TUESDAYS in my room. They have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get extra help if needed. PLEASE encourage them to utilize the help around them! The students who have increased their efforts and/or come to tutoring or PAWS, have seen their grades improve and most importantly their confidence in their math skills!

Thanks again for all your help!

Math agenda for the week of 1/11

Monday 1/11 Module 9.1 Circumference of Circles pg 1
Tues 1/12 Module 9.2 Area of Circle pg 2
Wed 1/13 Module 9.3 Area of Complex figures pg 3
Thurs 1/14 Module 9.3 Area of Complex figures pg 4
Friday 1/15 Module 9.4 Surface Area 
Sat 1/16 - Tues 11/20 NO SCHOOL
Wed 11/21 Module 9.5 Volume
Thurs 11/22 REVIEW OF Module 9 Study Guide
Fri. 1/23 Quiz over Module 9