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What a great way to end the RMS 5k Color Run/Walk!


7th Grade Amelia Chapman and 8th Grade Tam Nguyen!

Here are the rest of our Bulldog Pride Winners:

7th Grade Advisory Awards
Mrs. Heiken-Ploen Gavin Youngblood
Mr. Karasek Blake Harper
Ms. McDermott Makayla Brown
Mr. Conley Madison Maes
Ms. J. Brown Chris Wilson
Ms. Rudanovich Kendall Urschler
Mrs. Paule Alex Scherer
Ms. Kilcullen Lillian Cole
Mr. Schnurbusch Addison Schneider
Mrs. Earickson

and Mrs. Daubert Mariah Riggs
Mr. Thomas Ryan Bennett
Mrs. Pippin Emily Nguyen

8th Grade Advisory Awards
Mrs. Engle Matt Sebalja
Mrs. Stout Taylor Sanders
Mr. Tramel Miranda Difilippo
Mrs. Moore Robert Shipp
Mrs. Sevier Josie Wokurka
Mrs. Fox Gabriella Estrada-Dominguez
Mrs. Bailie Tyler Sanders
Mrs. Steinkamp Taylor McFarland
Mrs. Watson Ellie Volansky
Mr. Wideman Savannah Hargett
Mr. Richmond Layne Valci
Mrs. Kohlmann Lillian Bader

Bulldog Pride Winners
7th Grade 8th Grade
Devon Kulmann Emmit Rodgers
Lilly Cole Madisyn Robinson
Kalei Gerard Connor Hickman
Caleb Fletcher Tam Nguyen
Cam Horosewski Savannah Hargett
Amelia Chapman Rebecca Rushmann
Jacob Ryburn

7th Grade Bulldog Pride Nominees
Jesse Bowers
Robert Brown
Alexandria Brummitt
Amelia Chapman
Lillian Cole
Mason Crew
Kaitlyn Edgar
Zachary Ennis
Olivia Feibel
Caleb Fletcher
Kalei Gerard
Lauren Graf
Blake Harper
Luke Karau Hatton
Cameron Horosewski
Elijah Hovis
Brock Inman
Holly Kohlmann
Devon Kuhlmann
Joshua Ly
Olivia Mazzola
Ian McKenzie
Emily Ngyuen
Nicholas Nice
Morgan Nobles
Jacob Palmer
Hailey Rios-Lobo
Coby Rogers
Jacob Ryburn
Ellie Simpson
Sidney Statler
Deanna Stottlemire
Grace Stotts

8th Grade Bulldog Pride Nominees
Emma Asher
Lillian Bader
Owen Bazigian
Ashlee Birdwell
Grace Bopp
Caitlin Chau
Chloe Daniels
Miranda DiFillipo
Brianna Fanger
Anna Frenzel
Nicole Glunt
Savannah Hargett
Connor Hickman
Dustin Hurst
Gabrielle Isaacson
Luke Kos
Devon Luye
Gladys Magana
Taylor McFarland
Jason Mickle
Allyson Monroe
Micah Munson
Justin Nguyen
Tam Nguyen
Madisyn Robinson
Emmitt Rodgers
Rebecca Rushman
McKenna Schneider
Austin Schreyer
Michael Sechrest-Groves
Emily Sielfleisch
Dakota Stout
Jacob Stufflebean
Ayezack Tandy
Jacob Thornton
Adara Webb
Josie Wokurka



Mr. Wideman's STEAM class has been selected as 1 of 5 national winners for Samsung's Solve For Tomorrow competition! As a winner, Ridgewood will receive $120,000 in Samsung technology! Congratulations to Mr. Wideman and his STEAM class for not only what they have done for RMS, but the community as well!


Watch the announcement video below!

Ridgewood Middle Friday FYI 4/29/16

RMS … “Where LEADERS are BORN!”


Week Recap!

What a busy week we have had TESTING away here at Ridgewood! I want to personally say how proud I am in regard to how great our kids did while testing! It is a test where sometimes we are not real sure when everyone will finish for breaks or lunch – the kids were so awesome & patient during this time. We have completed all 7th grade and 8th grade MAP testing! Next Tuesday we will have our Algebra EOC kids test while conducting make up tests. Congratulations on a job well done, and thank you kids for all your hard work and effort. Our 7th graders worked super hard today on the math assessment, it was a tough one for them!


I had the honor of attending the SamSung Solve for Tomorrow Awards ceremony in Washington DC this past week with Mr. Wideman, Dakota Stout & Madi Robinson. We had a busy 3 days in DC – met with Senator Roy Blunt, Senator McCaskill & Representative Ann Wagner. The students at Ridgewood Middle School represented us very well to say the least, what a proud moment that was to see! We received many compliments about our STEAM 101 class here at Ridgewood from schools across the nation, SamSung, & our government!


Attendance & Behavior. We have 17 days left of school for the year, please keep up with your child’s attendance – kids need to be at 90% or above for attendance for their state average. Our building goal is 95%, please send your child to school the next 17 days. Miss school and you miss out students! Behavior can also become an issue the last 17 days, please remind your child we have many fun upcoming events, we would not want he/she to miss out on due to inappropriate behavior or for not completing homework or reading counts points. School is school the next 17 days, we will have class instruction, homework, etc. hang in there everyone!


Our Color Run date has changed to 5/15! So you may still order your tee-shirts for the color run! See the attached flyer! You may purchase a ticket until Friday 5/6.


****Career Day is Friday 5/20! If you would like to come and speak to our students during this fun filled morning of presentations let us know! Call the office or email myself at cavatoj@foxc6.org. Come and talk to our kids about your exciting career or suggest someone to us! *****


Summer School information is available! Keep your child busy this summer with FREE summer school & transportation! See the attached forms. Lots of RMS teachers teach summer school at both the Fox & Seckman MS campuses.


8th Grade Formal is coming up on 5/13! The following rules/contract have been signed by all students in order to attend the formal an 8th grader must:

8th grade Dance Agreement

Please read the following restrictions for attending the 8th Grade Formal Dance to your advisory and have the students sign and then print their name.

  • No more than 4 write-ups that result in a detention between the dates of 3-21-16 and 5-13-16
  • No more than 1 write-up that results in 1 day of ISS between the dates of 3-21-16 and 5-13-16
  • No suspension that result in OSS between the dates of 3-21-16 and 5-13-16
  • No more than two removals from a classroom for behavior
  • No Refunds

***Additional note (girls) - no strapless dresses

*PLEASE NOTE: There will be no refund for dance tickets after paid for.



Dates for the month of May:

5/2-5/4        EOC ALG 1 Testing

5/2              Band Concert 7pm

5/3              Board Recognition for DUKE ACT & SamSung 5:45pm

5/4              Choir Concert 7pm

5/6              Inflatables & Snow Cones (MAP Celebration)

5/10            Talent Show

5/15            5K Color Run/Walk during 5th hour

5/16            Middle School Track Meet

5/17            Bulldog Pride Assembly & Seckman HS Transition visit for 8th graders going to SHS next year.

5/18            Bulldog Pride Breakfast @ Steak N Shake

5/19            AAA Field Trip

5/20            Career Day

5/20-5/22    Choir Trip to Chicago

5/23            Field Day Competitions

5/24            Last Day ½ Day Dismissal @


Mrs. Jaime Cavato, Ed.S


Ridgewood Middle School

National School of Character



Teacher Web Pages – Our staff have been working diligently to get our teacher web pages up and running for parents and students! We had a transition from the old system when we moved to Tyler last year, so now we have ventured into our web pages for all of you to access from home! To access this information please visit our Ridgewood Web Page http://ridgewoodms.fox.k12.mo.us/, click on Staff, then the team your child is on, click on the teacher, this will take you to his/her web page or link to the web page where you can find weekly homework assignments and other important information from that class!

Homework/Tutoring/Parent Meetings – Ridgewood prides ourselves on Academic & Character Excellence, again at any time you have concerns please contact your child’s teacher via email or contact the office to speak with myself or Mrs. Stokes (counselor). We have held several parent-team meetings the past few weeks, we are here to help and work together as a TEAM (teachers, counselor, principals, parents, students). Homework will be nightly/daily, our students are working with a Rigorous Curriculum and our teachers are working diligently to ensure your child is prepared for the upcoming state assessments in the spring and most of all, for High School and College!


Homework, “As a parent what do I do here?” – Not only checking on Tyler for your child’s academic progress, check the teacher webpages for homework. Let your child know that YOU know what is going on in his/her class for the school week. Designate a “homework time” & “homework place” at home to do work each evening after school. Somewhere without distractions is important along with taking away the cell phone for a bit so he/she can truly focus on school work. As a parent myself, I know how much time we are spending working on homework, and the “new” way of math and writing from the ways we were taught – it can be frustrating as a parent. On that note please do not hesitate to email your child’s teacher if you just cannot figure out how to help your child – “it’s OK!” This way the teacher has a heads up to meet with your child privately to go over homework that was not understood. Again we are all a TEAM when it comes to your child’s learning!

Attendance is Top Priority at Ridgewood! We have set a 97% attendance goal for our school this year, please ensure your child is at school each day! Our Ridgewood Attendance Committee is dedicated towards our weekly attendance incentives - thank you to our committee and thank you students & parents for ensuring your child is attending school daily!  We are meeting with students and parents of students who are falling below 90% attendance at this point, this is a new MSIP 5 requirement, that your child is in school 90% of the year, so essentially not missing any more than 7 days a semester. Please contact the office with any concerns or questions regarding attendance.
PAWS time (Powerful Academic Work Sessions) Tuesday's & Thursday's during Advisory students may work with a teacher for in-school tutoring, test make-ups, re-teaching, etc. If your child is struggling in a class, please check his/her tracker to ensure he/she is going to that class/teacher during PAWS for extra help. 

RTI - RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION ... Each Tuesday & Thursday we have tutoring in Math and Language Arts for students who are on the bubble in regard to movement of levels on the MAP test! Groups have been up and running the past several weeks!

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