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Thank you parents for coming out to Texas Roadhouse night for RMS! All proceeds will go toward our technology purchases and student incentive programs!


Attendance matters at RMS! As all of you know the state requires 90% of your students to attend school 90% of the time. It is important your child is at school each and every day!  You will receive an attendance letter at 3 days of absences, 5 days, then at 8 days. Please see the attached attendance policy. When absences fall below 90% & become excessive and are unexcused in nature, we meet with our administrative team here at RMS which includes both administrators, school counselor, school resource officer, juvenile officer, division of family services, along with parents and students to review absences and be placed on a plan to improve your child’s attendance rate towards reaching the 90 at 90 goal.


Tonight we have 240 students staying after school for our after school dodge ball – games – & fun time mixer! This is the largest turn out we have ever had in attendance for an after school activity like this! Thank you parents and students for your support. Thank you Council for hosting such a large event!


Next Wednesday, October 7th we will have all of our bus drivers for Ridgewood in to talk with the kid’s who ride their busses! This is our bus driver-student meet and greet. On Wednesday we will follow a shortened bell schedule for part of the day and the drivers will meet with the kids and teachers for about 30 min. that day for an activity. Welcome RMS Bus Drivers! It is so important for your child to build a relationship with his/her bus driver – kids are precious cargo and the driver is responsible for your child to and from school each and every day.


CLUBS Choice Fundraiser - All orders must be turned into Mrs. Graves in the office NO LATER THAN October 5th.  Items will be delivered on October 29th during Parent Teacher Conferences from 3:00pm-5:00pm.  Out of town friends and family can shop online! Please join us in making our fundraiser a HUGE success! This is one of our largest fundraisers for the year; please help out our school so we can purchase additional chrome books for classrooms. The last two years we have purchased 2 laptop carts, 2 chrome book carts, document cameras for teachers, interactive projectors… PLEASE help support our building technology initiatives and sell, sell, sell!


RIDGEWOOD MIDDLE SPIRIT WEAR orders are due this upcoming week (10/5). Our goal is to get orders turned in early enough to get them in by our first intramural championship games on 11/5! Forms are in the main office.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Cavato

Principal – Ridgewood Middle School


  • My Coke Points – any bottle tops from coke products or any boxes from the 12 packs
  • Box Tops – Can be found of many cereals, Ziploc products and many other food products
  • Shop-a-Roo – download the app and take pictures of your grocery receipts
  • – Bring in any old or partially used gift cards that you don’t want anymore and RMS gets the money left on them back in cash 


Teacher Web Pages – Our staff have been working diligently to get our teacher web pages up and running for parents and students! We had a transition from the old system when we moved to Tyler last year, so now we have ventured into our web pages for all of you to access from home! To access this information please visit our Ridgewood Web Page, click on Staff, then the team your child is on, click on the teacher, this will take you to his/her web page or link to the web page where you can find weekly homework assignments and other important information from that class!

Homework/Tutoring/Parent Meetings – Ridgewood prides ourselves on Academic & Character Excellence, again at any time you have concerns please contact your child’s teacher via email or contact the office to speak with myself or Mrs. Stokes (counselor). We have held several parent-team meetings the past few weeks, we are here to help and work together as a TEAM (teachers, counselor, principals, parents, students). Homework will be nightly/daily, our students are working with a Rigorous Curriculum and our teachers are working diligently to ensure your child is prepared for the upcoming state assessments in the spring and most of all, for High School and College!


Homework, “As a parent what do I do here?” – Not only checking on Tyler for your child’s academic progress, check the teacher webpages for homework. Let your child know that YOU know what is going on in his/her class for the school week. Designate a “homework time” & “homework place” at home to do work each evening after school. Somewhere without distractions is important along with taking away the cell phone for a bit so he/she can truly focus on school work. As a parent myself, I know how much time we are spending working on homework, and the “new” way of math and writing from the ways we were taught – it can be frustrating as a parent. On that note please do not hesitate to email your child’s teacher if you just cannot figure out how to help your child – “it’s OK!” This way the teacher has a heads up to meet with your child privately to go over homework that was not understood. Again we are all a TEAM when it comes to your child’s learning!

Attendance is Top Priority at Ridgewood! We have set a 97% attendance goal for our school this year, please ensure your child is at school each day! Our Ridgewood Attendance Committee is dedicated towards our weekly attendance incentives - thank you to our committee and thank you students & parents for ensuring your child is attending school daily!  We are meeting with students and parents of students who are falling below 90% attendance at this point, this is a new MSIP 5 requirement, that your child is in school 90% of the year, so essentially not missing any more than 7 days a semester. Please contact the office with any concerns or questions regarding attendance.
PAWS time (Powerful Academic Work Sessions) Tuesday's & Thursday's during Advisory students may work with a teacher for in-school tutoring, test make-ups, re-teaching, etc. If your child is struggling in a class, please check his/her tracker to ensure he/she is going to that class/teacher during PAWS for extra help. 

RTI - RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION ... Each Tuesday & Thursday we have tutoring in Math and Language Arts for students who are on the bubble in regard to movement of levels on the MAP test! Groups have been up and running the past several weeks!
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