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Please go online & log into your Tyler account to update all student information for the 2017-2018 school year ~ thank you! J So far we only have 43 of the 639 updated! Help! J


Ridgewood Middle School is coming right along the past 2 weeks! Dry wall is up in the new rooms & offices, mudding & taping are going on, next up paint! Our interior rooms & offices are coming along, the building transformation to a 6th-8th grade school is so extremely exciting to see! Next week the halls will be repainted, our hallway walls haven’t had a paint face lift in at least 10 years! Once again, your child will be a part of history here at Ridgewood Middle being a part of a true Middle School family having three grade levels 6-8!


We will have 2 teams of teacher’s per grade level. A team consists of four core class teachers – English Language Arts (ELA), Math (MA), Science (SCI), & Social Studies (SS). Special Education Staff & Elective Staff members are also assigned to teams (this is for Advisory Class purposes). The same “set of students” will travel between their 4 core classes of teachers throughout the day, those teacher’s also have the same conference hour/ plan time. What is so great about this concept as a parent (& student) is if you need to meet with or talk to your child’s teachers they are off all at one time during the day every day.  


Team Names, Themes, & Colors are out! Our Building Leadership Team met and decided upon changing all of our team’s names, with all of our newness we discussed the perfect timing for changing up team names while keeping our historical theme of “travel, exploration, & adventure”. Over 15 years ago when Ridgewood Junior High became Ridgewood Middle School, our team of teacher’s decided upon team names using “travel, exploration, & adventure” as a theme, during that time period we were moving out the 9th grade and moving towards the middle school concept with 7th & 8th grades, traveling & embarking on a new adventure! Now here we are in 2017 gearing up for our newest adventure adding 6th grade to our school community – becoming a true Middle School!


Ridgewood takes pride in our school community, we are so proud of the accomplishments our students & staff have achieved and continue to achieve each year. Our focus is the “Whole Child”, leading with the head, the heart, & the hand. As a parent myself, I value teaching our students how to be kind, loving, & caring individuals in and outside of school – along with leading & learning! Learning & Leading should be fun for anyone, with that being said, we have a great fun filled 1st day of school planned out for your child! Your child is in great hands with our team here at Ridgewood!


Our building administrative team has a plan in place for teachers & student’s whose classrooms will not be completed by the beginning of school (this is in reference to the new addition). Those 4 teachers will travel (& students) throughout the day to open classrooms (rooms open when a teacher is on his/her conference hour), we have input those room numbers in your child’s schedule and will have a building map available to parents & students as well. Within a few short months your child will have a beautiful new classroom, equip with new furniture & technology, & a new 6th grade hallway!

2017-2018 Theme –   "The Road To Success is Always Under Construction"

6th Grade Teams

Trailblazers – “Discovering New Horizons” Team Color ORANGE

Mr. Keisker – Math, Mrs. Kohlmann – ELA, Mrs. Bahr – SS, Mrs. Coleman – SCI, Mrs. Cooper– SPED/Council, Mrs. Avender - SPED

Navigators – “Guiding the Way to Success” Team Color BLUE

Mr. Niemeyer – Math, Mrs. Auer – ELA, Mr. Schumacher – SS, Mrs. Shreve – SCI, Mrs. Conrad – Spainish,  Mrs. Avender – SPED, Mrs. Flamion – SPED/Council


7th Grade Teams

Challengers – “Exceeding the Limits” Team Color RED

Mrs. Werkmeister – MA, Mrs. Heiken-Ploen – ELA, Ms. McDermott – SS, Mr. Karasek – SCI, Mr. Faulkner – PE, Mrs. Boever – SPED, Mrs. Moore – Literacy/Council

Explorers – “Possibilities are Infinite” Team Color PURPLE

Mrs. Uhl – MA, Mrs. Paule – ELA, Mr. Schnurbusch – SS, Ms. Kilcullen – SCI, Mrs. Rudanovich – PE, Mr. Conley – SPED, Mrs. Pippin – Choir, Mr. Richmond – SPED


8th Grade Teams

Innovators – “Imagination at Work” Team Color GREEN

Mrs. Strange – MA, Ms. J. Brown – ELA, Mrs. Watson – SS, Mr. Wideman – SCI, Mrs. Steinkamp – Art, Mrs. Wilken - SPED

Pathfinders – “Discover What’s Possible” Team Color YELLOW

Mrs. Engle – MA, Mrs. de Roode – ELA, Mr. Tramel – SS, Mrs. Stout – SCI, Mrs. Fox – FACT, Mrs. Bailie – Business Tech., Mrs. Daubert – SPED, Mrs. S. Brown – SPED/Council


Attached to this email is our Calendar of Events for the 2017-2018 School Year so you can plan ahead for activities here at Ridgewood. Once again the school supply list is also attached as well.


Enrollment right now for Ridgewood for the 2017-2018 stands at 639 students. 6th grade 209, 7th grade 219, and 8th grade 214 – our numbers always change in August as well with new enrollments & students who transfer out of the district. During June our phenomenal guidance counselor Mrs. Stokes & Mrs. Graves our Office Secretary have been finishing up working on our students schedules which will be available to parents on Tyler August 4th. This is what much of the beginning of summer is spent on – tweaking schedules and revising the master schedule when we see that adjustments need to be made. Thank you ladies for your hard work & dedication to seeing all 639 schedules are ready to go in August!


Dates to Remember:

8/4      Student schedules will be available on Tyler after 7pm

8/7      Special Education Student & Parent Meet the Case Manger Night 6pm-7pm

8/8      Schedule Pick Up, Lockers, Planners, Spirit Wear Sales & New Student Registration 8am-3:30pm (Building Hours)

8/9      Schedule Pick Up, Lockers, Planners, Spirit Wear Sales 11am-6pm (Building Hours)

8/16    First Day of School 8am-3:05pm

8/24    Middle School Open House 5:30pm-8pm


*Depending on construction deadlines, building tours will be determined. We usually allow kids to put things in lockers during the schedule pick up times BUT I will have to get back to you on that as construction/renovations go (hopefully we will have those parts of the building free to roam). I’ll keep everyone posted!



What is the First Day of School like at Ridgewood Middle School:

We start off with a kick off opening assembly introducing our “theme” for the school year (which here’s a hint – construction)!  All of our students will be in the gym for our assembly where we introduce our staff at Ridgewood along with giving out our Community Leadership Award. Students will sit together by grade level during the assembly, we will then break up into our Advisory Classes (Homeroom). Students will spend the first part of the day with their Advisory teacher learning all about Ridgewood along with participating in team building activities with fellow classmates! We learn how to use our lockers (combination locks), learn cafeteria etiquette & rules, along with just getting to know what it is like to be a Bulldog! Ridgewood Middle’s Character Council Staff & Students plan all of our opening day activities – thank you staff & student leaders!


During the afternoon (after we serve lunches) we will run a short bell schedule to where students get to go to each one of his/her classes for about 8-10 minutes just to familiarize themselves with their “path” to classes along with meeting their teachers. And then we dismiss at 3:05 to head home for the day! Our first day is spent on getting to know our school, laughing, having fun, & most of all leaving our school excited for the next day & the school year!


In closing, over the summer our Office Staff is in and out during July. You may give us a call at 636-282-1459, or you are more than welcome to send an email to me at at any time. Thank you everyone, I’ll email updates each week now to keep you in the loop!

 Mrs. Jaime L. Cavato, Ed.S

Mrs. Jaime Cavato, Ed.S

Ridgewood Middle School
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